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Gina Murray is loved by her extended family, church family, and colleagues for her down to earth approachable personality as well as her gentle spirit and sharp intellect.  She balances family and career life with style and grace.  She loves to discuss the scripture and is particularly interested in keeping the scripture relevant in our daily lives.  Subjects of particular interest to her include the various intersections of spirituality, culture, race, gender, and religion.


Dr. Murray is a very accomplished wife, mother, and physician.  She lives with her husband and children and also practices medicine in the coastal plains of eastern North Carolina.  As a pastor’s wife and mother of five, she has a deep commitment to family life.  Watching their own children grow older, and seeing the condition of modern Christian families, she has felt a greater sense of urgency to pen a basic review of Biblical truth on marriage.


Always looking to be of service to her church family, extended family, and community, she hopes to help stimulate discourse among believers in order to nurture spiritually healthy marriages and families.  Dr. Murray is resolute in her belief that believers must not shy away from recognizing the authority of scripture in their daily lives and that the right to religious liberty must be fearlessly defended.



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